To the people who were confused about why Hannibal sent Will to investigate Tobias.

I’ve seen some posts in the tags questioning Hannibal’s motive and even the legitimacy of Hannigram, claiming that if Hannibal adored Will, he wouldn’t send him into danger like that.

Well, I too wonder about that at first, but after watching the scene again, I feel like Hannibal made a mistake. And he realized it.

For example, this was his face right after saying to Will, “perhaps you should interview him.”



Notice how his face very slowly progresses…It’s the look of “…perhaps I shouldn’t have said that.”

I don’t think Hannibal’s intention was to send Will into danger. His intention was honestly to help Will by giving him a lead, but he soon realized that he was sending Will to a foe that may be too much for him. He looked regretful, like “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” But it was too late to retract it.

Also, I think Hannibal’s obvious sigh of relief as illustrated by his reaction to seeing Will alive was genuine.


He had tears in his eyes for goodness sake. Hannibal couldn’t have faked this, it is not his style.

Anyway, in conclusion. Hannigram is the best. Hannibal loves Will, and Will…Is coming around hahaha.

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