Bane/Blake Rec List (on-going list)

Artwork by liduke

Complete Works:

Sweetheart by 

  • Serial Killer AU, actually Bane+Barsad+Talia+Bruce/John
  • They fuck a lot and the author is amAZING
  • Starts off as Barsad/John but orgies happen \o/

No Holds Barred by 

  • The first Bane/Blake I ever read
  • Talia gives John to Bane as a gift and John. They fuck a lot.
  • I like it, and there’s a WIP sequel.

ab aeterno (From the eternal) by 

  • Inception Crossover
  • Eames is one fucked up individual and he stalks the hell out of Arthur and it creeps him out so Arthur runs away and becomes John Blake. Eames becomes Bane and it’s all downhill from there.

Forfeit by 

  • Another Inception Crossover, but this time Inception is the Dream Share Job and John is there to go into Bane’s mind post-TDKR
  • Doesn’t go as planned
  • Barsad gets all up in that too

Where There’s Life by 

  • Post-TDKR, Talia dies, Bane lives.
  • Not going to lie, the ending of this made me really mad but it doesn’t stop it from being extremely well written or make the story any less brilliant.
  • This is straight up brainwashing (oooh yeahh)

Behind the Mask by 

  • Did someone say size kink?
  • Want your heart ripped out of your chest and then fed back to you in small, bite-sized pieces? Well this is the fic for you.
  • There is a lot of gushy fluff but more stockholm so it’s okay

I love it when you mark me by darlinglileve

  • Bless the kink meme

Can’t Face the Daffodils by spylace

  • Bruce/John AND Bane/John
  • Omegaverse (that’s always good)


Stiffen The Sinews by Whiskeyrunner

  • Bane and John meet in the Pit and John is pretty much forced to become his prison bitch
  • A lot of non-con and dub-con
  • Talia still exists in this!

Tender by Anonymous

  • Not what the name suggests
  • Kidnapping and torture for our friend John!

Untitled by Anonymous

  • Kidnapping and brainwashing!
  • Not much there, but it LOOKS promising

The Loney Hunter by teaspice

  • Omegaverse with a lot of d/s 
  • Werewolf AU
  • Gosh I love AUs
  • I really like this one
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