Underage Arthur rec list (requested by idiotdarebear)

All NC-17. Arthur is a teenager, Eames is at least 25.


Arthur’s the son of a dangerous man that Eames works for. Cue Arthur being a saucy little minx and Eames wanting Arthur but not wanting to be killed by his father. But when you find yourself a lap full of a willing teen, there’s only one choice.

Eames vanishes for two months then comes back with a thick, unkempt beard on his face. Arthur doesn’t approve. At first. A personal favorite of mine!
Arthur is bored and distracts Eames from his work. Eames teaches him a lesson. Another one of my favorite!

Eames catches his nephew Arthur masturbating. He watches for a bit before deciding he needs to intervene.

Arthur’s mom has always been very busy when it came to her job. She soon starts having co-workers over to finish presentations, information or have pre-hour/after-hour meetings. One of these coworkers is Eames, and naturally Arthur can’t resist seducing him.

Arthur is a model and Eames recognizes him in the library.

Cobb asks Eames to keep an eye on teenage Arthur at the bar. Bad decision. There is drinking, make outs, a lap dance, and car sex.

Arthur meets MMA fighter Eames at the gym. Sexy times ensue.

Beautiful fic set in 1703 Italy. Arthur is a orphan sent to study music in Venice. He and his concert master Eames bond over their love of music, and fall in love. Very long, plot heavy, slow build - but it’s worth it!
Teenage Arthur is dating Eames, the curator of a museum. One night his mother calls saying that she’ll be home late. Naturally, Arthur immediately invites Eames over.
Ghost sex with Ghost!Eames and Arthur.
Arthur goes to confessional and confesses his sins. Father Eames listens intently and acts accordingly.
Eames is a completely unknown International thief and Arthur is his kept boy. Spanking, mentions of rimming, felching.
Eames watches his neighbor’s boy do yoga. Imagined underage.
Very dirty and porny fic with lots of dirty talk and daddy kink.

Multi-chapter and verses

Arthur loves going to see his pediatrician, Dr. Eames. Three hot medical kink fics. I had to take multiple break the first time I read these.
Arthur is in high school and comes home to find that his hot new neighbor (Eames) has finally moved in. Sequel: Hot Glare / Jerk Off
Arthur is dragged to the carnival by his sister, Ariadne. They get their fortune told and the psychic tells Arthur he is going to fall in love with a beautiful stranger. Sequel: Don’t Worry About The Future

Arthur wanders away from his family on a trip to Vegas and is determined to lose his virginity. Luckily Eames is there to help. Four porny fics about Arthur and his gambling boyfriend.

Eames didn’t mean for it to happen, with his boss’ son of all people, but he found himself with a lap full of drunk, writhing teenaged boy. Completed multichapter fic with an epilogue.
Eames is a burned out college professor who takes in a homeless boy named Arthur. Things become more complicated between them. 11 chapters in total. Beautiful story that will make you cry.
When the landlord — Eames, a man of British heritage, a sculpted body and approximately 30 years of age — answers the door, Arthur knows his search for an apartment is over.
College AU about the relationship of Arthur, a college senior, and his professor of Dream Psychology, Dr. Eames. Long fic, beautifully written, really tucks at the heart strings.
These are fics that I have personally read and liked. For more underage fics, I recommend that you check out the AO3 tag and Dreadly’s list.
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