mybbjohnblake’s Bane/John Blake rec list:

Come Around by anon (NC-17)

Bane is Eames’ protective older brother, Arthur and John are just a couple of guys who happen to be identical. I just read this tonight and it’s one of the best fics to come out of the kink meme yet. Bane/Blake and Arthur/Eames are adorable couples and it’s just starting to get really really hot. WIP.

Freely Given Kisses by anon (PG)

Bane finds himself dreaming about kissing his lover Blake. And because his mask makes it’s impossible he finds some creative ways to “kiss” Blake. This is so fluffy and romantic.

Performance Art by akelios (R)

Basically, Bane humiliates John by peeing on him infront of his men, claiming John as his.

The Art of Breaking by akelios (R)

Same verse as Performance Art. This is a dark fic but very hot and well written. Stockholm syndrome, violence, watersports, the usual. 

A Fire Rises by whalebarf (NC-17)
Shameless self promotion here. This is a short porny fic centering around Bane’s desire for John. Tender sex ensues.

Negative Slave by slashydrunkard (R)

Rookie cop John Blake wonders down into the sewers and finds himself imprisoned by Bane. 

Behind the Mask by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles (NC-17)

Bane keeps John prisoner. As time goes on John learns more about his captor, and they grow to understand and care for each other.

What’s in a Smile? by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles (NC-17)

Sequel to Behind the Mask. When Bane sees John smiling at an unknown woman, he feels the need to remind John just who he belongs to. I like this oneshot a lot - it shows a tender side of Bane.

Clipped by Menirva (R)

After Talia dies, Bane becomes John’s protector. This is a long 27 chapter fic.

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